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FAQ - Allgemein

1How is my Athlagon Score composed?
Your score is based on the test results of all performance components. Each created test flows into the score with a dot. A special case is your first test per performance component. Here it is possible to get several points and pins if the Athlagon assistant suggests a more difficult first test as test No. 1. This happens when your information from the Start interview allows conclusions on an increased fitness level. Thus, you automatically skip tests without skipping points and pins.

With every 20 points you earn you move up a level. The level names are built on the Greek alphabet, starting with Alpha. Each level has its own color in the red color spectrum, beginning with yellow. As soon as you reach a new level, the color on the entire app (buttons, player bars, etc.) changes. The fitter you are, the more reddish your Athlagon profile will be and all other parts of the app.

2What is behind the Athlagon test system?
The tests are designed in such a way that all muscle groups are tested for their respective ability. If you have any deficiencies anywhere, Athlagon will find them. Your advantage: Train to pass the next test and you will end up with no weaknesses.

The tests are named after mountains. Each component has the mountains name of a continent sorted according to the height of the mountain. There is a lot to climb.

If you take a longer break and believe that you can no longer pass a test you have already passed,then you can reset your status to a previous test using the drop-down menu next to the test name and try again.

3What is the Athlagon Weekly Challenge?
The Athlagon Weekly Challenge gives you the opportunity to compare yourself with others your age and gender. Each week, there is a new challenge, each with a different focus, which is to be completed either after repetition, distance or time. After registering your result, you'll see where you stand in the ranking. You can repeat the challenge as often as you like during that week. The result is not included in your score.
4How can I delete my account and my data?
You can completely delete your data yourself at any time within the Athlagon app. To do this, open the app and click on the gear icon in the top left corner of the screen. Scroll down to „account" and click on „delete account". Your data will then be deleted by us and you will immediately receive an email confirming this process.

FAQ - Fehler

1A video does not play. What can I do?
From time to time, a video will be damaged when transferring from our server to your device. Our app can not always detect this error and reload the video. Most of the time you can solve the problem by removing the video memory in the settings of Athlagon. This will erase the faulty video and download it again.